Address Your Creditors and Lift Your Financial Burdens

File for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Milford and Hopedale, Massachusetts

Are you ignoring the bills piling up on your kitchen counter? Do you wake up wishing your debts were gone? You need to consider filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy has a bad connotation in this day and age, but it’s a normal and necessary step for many people in this economy. If you want to put an end to your debt and start over fresh, call The Law Office of Edward Macek.

Will Chapter 7 bankruptcy work for your needs?

You may need to liquidate some of your property to repay your creditors. Some assets are exempt from liquidation – it depends on your situation and your ability to address your debts otherwise. The Law Office of Edward Macek will:

  • Guide you through the filing process
  • Determine if you can keep certain (exempt) property
  • Work with you until your debts are fully addressed

  • At the end of the bankruptcy process, your debts will be discharged by the court (except for student loans, child support and other secured debts). Don’t wait to find relief. Chapter 7 bankruptcy will help you resolve your debts and start over.

    When you need a bankruptcy attorney in Hopedale or Milford, Massachusetts, call The Law Office of Edward Macek.