Find a Way Through This Emotional Life Transition

Contact a trusted divorce attorney in Hopedale and Milford, Massachusetts

You never expected your marriage to end – especially not like this. But now, you need to move on. The divorce process can be long, complicated and frustrating, but with the right attorney, you can get through it. The Law Office of Edward Macek offers professional legal support for your divorce. Edward Macek has over 10 years of experience with divorce cases. Call today for a consultation.

Get proper support from an experienced attorney

The Law Office of Edward Macek will hear out your problems and come up with a solution that meets the needs of both parties. A civil resolution is the number one goal. Our attorney will:

Walk you through primary and post-divorce paperwork
Work through custody details and child support arrangements
Voice your concerns and fight for your rights in the courtroom

For child support, child visitation and other divorce-related matters, call The Law Office of Edward Macek today. We support families in Milford, Hopedale and surrounding areas in Massachusetts.